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Works Blog

Foreign to Myself

Shannon Flaherty

“Then you get out of the military and you try to integrate back—you do integrate back into the civilian world, but you quickly realize that nobody else is thinking that way, nobody else is thinking that everything they do is for a team.” —Smith & True, 2014

Foreign to Myself Remount
January 12 - 14 and 19 - 21
UNO's Robert E. Nims Theatre
2000 Lakeshore Dr.
Ticket are FREE! Reserve ahead here.

Foreign to Myself ran from May 18 - 21, 2017
at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center (900 Camp St.).
All photos by Joshua Brasted.

Less than one half of one percent of U.S. citizens currently serve in the armed forces, creating a an experience gap between Veterans and civilians. Goat in the Road has spent the last two plus years connecting with military Veterans, families, and medical experts to build this fast-moving, darkly funny play about the daily life of the returning Vet. 

The 2017 ensemble: Leslie Boles Kraus*, William Bowling, Shannon Flaherty*, Denise Frazier, Darci Fulcher*, Jeremy Guyton, and Dylan Hunter*.

Sascha/Francine: Kylie Butler

Directed by: Chris Kaminstein*
Production Manager: Shannon Flaherty*
Stage Manager: Kit Sternberger*
Music Composition: Peter Bowling*
Sound Design/Projection Design: Kyle Sheehan*
Set Design: Nick Benacerraf
Props Design: Owen Ever*
Lighting Design: Joshua Courtney*
Costume Design: Kaci Thomassie*
Projection Engineer: Dan Pruksarnukul
Production Assistant: Alex Becker
Goat in the Road Intern: Melinda Allen

* indicates GRP company members

This multi-year project had three workshop phases: January 2015, May 2015, and May 2016, and was created in conjunction with key partners:

  • Gala True, PhD  
    • Dr. Gala True is a social scientist with over 15 years of experience conducting health services research with vulnerable populations.  Over the past 8 years, she has employed participatory action research methods to collaborate with Veterans and other key stakeholders on identifying barriers to post-deployment care and proposing solutions for improving community reintegration after separation from military service.
  • The NOLA Veterans Arts & Humanities Alliance
    • Created in the fall of 2016, the NOLA Veterans Arts & Humanities Alliance brings together veterans, health care providers, artists, and other community members who believe in the power of the arts and humanities to promote healing and mutual understanding, with the goal of creating more opportunities for art-making and dialogue involving veterans and the larger community in New Orleans.


Foreign to Myself 2017 was made possible by a Community Partnership Grant from the Jazz & Heritage Foundation, a grant from the RosaMary Foundation, and support from the New Orleans Theatre Association. It is also supported by a Community Arts Grant made possible by the City of New Orleans and a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council, both administered by the Arts Council New Orleans. Funding has also been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works. 

and a BIG THANK YOU to our Kickstarter donors who made Foreign to Myself possible!

Francesca McKenzie, Paul Werner, Andrew Larimer, Laurie McCants, Larry Comiskey, Michael Sternberger, Mary Rizzo, Eli Silverman, Sascha Stanton-Craven, Amy Sulzman, Thomas Bogan, Beau Bratcher, Alice Yorke, Drew Carrico, Joseph Furnari, Peter & Mary Barrett, Mark, The NOLA Project, John Boles, Evan Spigelman, Mark Routhier, Jana Napoli, Susan Bowling, Bob, Bajir Cannon, Benjamin Lenox Smith, Meryl Murman, Jake Bartush, Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, Boob Weisz, Jenny, Kerry Cahill, Emily Slazer, Patty & Tom Flaherty, Jonathan Greene, Jan Gilbert, Chris Carrington, Michele Lampach, Nicole Showman, Darci Fulcher, Helen Jacksch, Tara Marie Good, Joan Long, Matthew Schwarzfeld, Degan Leopold, Scott Sheppard, Jenn Kidwell, Phil Yiannopoulos, Kate Bailey, Casie Duplechain, Danielle, Lilly Small, Claire Duplantier, Amanda Chudnow, Tatiana Clay, Don Berg, Daniel & Jenny Kaminstein, Michelle Hamilton, Nick Shackleford, Rebecca Frank, Sherrine Azab, Angelle, Mark, Danya, Gary Saxvik, Scott King, Cara Zwerling, Ariadne Blayde, Nate Baumgart, Elizabeth Dowd, Andrew Vaught, Anne Wages, Daral Boles, Hugh Hunter, Rachel Stein, Kenneth Korman, Lindsay Docherty Rachlin, Dave Crowley, Suzy Myers, Caroline Gutterson, Ron Chapman, Lily Whitsitt, Dana & Maria Kaminstein, Lindsey Phillips, Nina Zeitlin, Nancy Sharon Collins, Columbine Goldsmith, Michael Gottwald, Joanna Russo, Keith Miller, Bear Hebert, Adam Falik, Monica R. Harris, Laura Boles, Leigh Harwood, Aurora Nealand, Ben Shesta, Nick Slie, Alan Hunter, Jen Davis, and Marie Lovejoy.

Haydn Seek

Shannon Flaherty

Friday, June 17 & Saturday, June 18, 2016
8 pm at the Marigny Opera House (725 St. Ferdinand St.) 

Haydn Seek is a performance collaboration between New Resonance Orchestra and Goat in the Road, blending the worlds of classical music and physical theater.

New Resonance Orchestra, conducted by Francis Scully, performed eleven of the most audacious movements from the “theatrical” symphonies of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). Under the direction of Darci Fulcher, Goat in the Road’s ensemble accompanied the music with a silent theatrical performance, bringing Haydn’s musical world to life in all of its anarchic glory. 

Music by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Symphony no. 70 – 4th movement Allegro con brio
Symphony no. 22 “The Philosopher” – 1st movement Adagio
Symphony no. 67 – 3rd movement Menuetto
Symphony no. 60 – 4th movement Presto
Symphony no. 64 – 2nd movement Largo
Symphony no. 80 – 1st movement Allegro spiritoso
Symphony no. 60 – 5th movement Adagio (di Lamentatione)
Symphony no. 65 – 3rd movement Menuetto
Symphony no. 86 – 2nd movement Capriccio, Largo
Symphony no. 6 – 3rd movement Menuetto
Symphony no. 80 – 4th movement Presto


New Resonance Orchestra
Conducted by Francis Scully

Violins - Kate Withrow, Byron Tauchi, Liz Overweg, Xiao Fu, Anton Zholondz, Gabrielle Fischler, Tarrah Reynolds, Qi Cao, Judith Armistead Fitzpatrick, and Hannah Yim

Violas - Bruce Owen, Amelia Clingman, and Valborg Gross

Cello - Philip von Maltzahn, Kyle Anderson, and Jennie Brent

Bass - Paul Macres

Flute - Andrew Foley

Oboe/English Horn - Phillip Larroque and Daniel Graber

Bassoon - Michael Matushek and Rebecca Cain

Horn - Mollie Pate and Dan Callawa


Goat in the Road Productions

Props & costumes by Owen Ever
Lighting by Shawn Ramagos
Stage managed by Sam Martin
Asst. stage managed by Rachel Ridgeway

Chris Kaminstein
Dylan Hunter
Ian Hoch
Mack Guillory III
Shannon Flaherty


Founded by Music Director Francis Scully in 2008, New Resonance Orchestra is a group of young, professional classical musicians in New Orleans working to reclaim classical music in America as a vital force for artistic expression and social change. With its fearless performances, New Resonance Orchestra makes music that is fresh, joyful, and relevant. Creating interdisciplinary performance events and engaging with current issues, New Resonance Orchestra uses classical music to rejuvenate New Orleans.

Haydn Seek is supported in part by a Community Arts Grant made possible by the City of New Orleans and administered by the Arts Council New Orleans, and by a Community Partnership Grant from the Jazz and Heritage Foundation.


FORGE Festival

Shannon Flaherty

April 13 - 16, 2016
Shows at 7pm, 9 pm, and 11 pm
Theatre at St. Claude (2240 St. Claude Ave.)

In April 2016, Goat in the Road Productions and Skin Horse Theater presented FORGE, a new performance festival, that presented three bold and outlandish mainstage shows from Goat in the Road, Nat & Veronica, Mz. Asa Metric and Mqr. En Between.  

Lagniappe installations and performances from other members of the visual and performing arts community took place in between show times, making FORGE a non-stop maelstrom of multi-disciplinary performance. 


About the shows:

Our Man

Two men in a box elect a tennis racket named Ronald Reagan as president.

Goat in the Road’s comedic performance work explores the intersection of performance and politics in the modern age, through the lenses of 1950’s era radio broadcasts and a decidedly fictional approach to American political history. Written by William Bowling, Chris Kaminstein, and Sascha Stanton-Craven (and performed by Bowling and Kaminstein), Our Man was featured on the cover of American Theatre magazine in 2013.


She Was Born


“Genius… the definition of unmissable.” (NOLA Defender), “Justifies the raw power of live performance.” (Austin 360)

Nature documentary meets Theater of the Absurd in this utterly unique physical performance featuring striking visuals, sly humor and a virtuoso performance that depicts an entire life from birth to death. She Was Born draws the audience into the microscopic universe of an extraterrestrial insect named SHE in order to confront the most basic question of all: Why was I born? Created by Nat & Veronica, and performed by Ms. Hunsinger-Loe.

Creep Cuts

Creep Cuts is the ill-tempered lovechild of cosmic superstars Mz. Asa Metric and Mqr. En Between. Together they form New Orleans’ premier electro-dada-freak-drag-hyper-hyphenated-extra-execrated cabaret duo from out-of-the-blue-o! Behold as they bring you a night of dystopic musings and wild drag zenanigans to confound the senses, pique the appetite, and potentially pick the heart’s pockets and run off with all of its spare change. Don’t miss the show critics are calling “two people being weird on stage.”


About the artists:


Goat in the Road Productions is a performance ensemble, dedicated to the production of original and invigorating new works of theatre, dance, performance art, and educational programming.  The Goats are Leslie Boles Kraus, William Bowling, Todd D’Amour, Owen Ever, Shannon Flaherty, Darci Fulcher, Mack Guillory, Ian Hoch, Dylan Hunter, Chris Kaminstein, Francesca McKenzie, Rebecca McLaughlin, and Kyle Sheehan. For more information, visit

Mz. Asa Metric is the alter ego of Evan Spigelman. Evan is a performer, director, light designer and co-founder of Skin Horse Theater. He is also co-director of the New Orleans Queer Youth Theater, a transformative space for queer and allied youth to actualize their power through performance. Outside of New Orleans, Evan has worked with the Ontological Hysteric Theater and Incubator Arts Project in New York City.

Mqr. En Between is the spirit animal and not-so-imaginary friend of performer and musician Dylan Hunter. When not appearing on stage as an ensemble member of Goat in the Road, Dylan can be found making music with synthesizers and other keyed instruments under his moniker Hunter. Check out his music at

Nat & Veronica are the artistic team of Nat Kusinitz and Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, dedicated to the creation of provocative and viscerally rich performance work with a strong focus on audience experience. Driven by a desire to find new and powerful potential in live performance, their work combines visual spectacle, presence based performance and subtle humor to explore the problem of how to live. They currently split their time between New Orleans and New York's Hudson Valley. They are also co-founders of New Orleans based Skin Horse Theater ( To learn more about their work, visit

uncle vanya: quarter life crisis

Shannon Flaherty

November 5 - 29, 2015
Thursday - Sunday at 8 pm

Accompanied by MOMMA TRIED's Voynitsky Collection
The Ether Dome (3625 St. Claude Ave. at Independence St.)
Promotional video made by the geniuses at FatHappyMedia

Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis is an original work for the stage that smashes together one of Chekhov’s most famous plays with the post-recession world of 2009, re-imagining Chekhov’s work to be about young people living and struggling in Louisiana.

The show was adapted by director Chris Kaminstein and the cast (live exhibit performers).

Live Exhibit Performers:

Marina………Shannon Flaherty
Astrov……….Dylan Hunter
Vanya………..Brian Dorsam
Alexandra……Darci Fulcher
Maria………...Tenaj Jackson
Waffles………Mack Guillory
Sonya………..Leslie Boles Kraus
Yelene……….Matt Thompson
Tour Guide….Owen Ever, Andy Vaught

Production Stuff:

Director/Lead Adapter…….Chris Kaminstein
Assistant Director…………Shannon Flaherty
Script Adaptation................The Cast
Stage Manager…………….Jacob Halpern Weitzman
Assistant Stage Manager…..Bennett Kirchner
Production Manager………Casie Duplechain
Set Designer………………Joan Long
Lighting Designer………...Joan Long
Properties Designer………Owen Ever
Costume Designer………..Lindy Bruns
Sound Designer…………..Kyle Sheehan

Technical Director………..William Bowling
Marketing…………………Shannon Flaherty, Leslie Boles Kraus
Program………………….Nat Kusinitz
Compendium Guide………Bennett Kirchner, Peter Pinelli

Voinitsky Collection by MOMMA TRIED

Artistic Directors……Theo Eliezer, Micah Learned

Promotional photos by MOMMA TRIED. Performance photos by Joshua Brasted.

The Voynitsky Collection, an installation by MOMMA TRIED (local interdisciplinary art project with a print-only publication at its center) composed of miniatures and objects, models and displays, will work in tandem with the play to encourage the audience to look at both the play, and the art that surrounds it, as the moments and minutia of the day-to-day that constitute life.  

Anti-Ennui: Themes for a 21st Century Uncle Vanya
In conjunction with the production, GRP worked with regional partners to explore the timeless themes of Chekhov's masterpiece and our modern adaptation.

Saturday, Nov. 7:
A post-show panel discussion featured an eclectic cast of pseudo-intellectuals and non-credentialed life gurus. Economist Jana Sikdar, millennial Brandon Rapp, and yogi Vera Lester gave a raucous and thought-provoking debate about the changing nature of work, the unchanging nature of privilege, and the ongoing quest to find and make meaning in our lives and work. Think the GOP Presidential debates, minus seven to ten candidates. Think the Benghazi Hearing, minus ten and half hours.

Saturday, Nov. 14:
Monique Verdin, Nick Slie and a few very special guests led a discussion about the relationship between land loss and cultural survival in Coastal Louisiana.  There was dancing, red bean gumbo and real talk.

Saturday, Nov. 21: 
5 pm: Artspot Productions’ presented Chekhov’s Wild Ride

6:15 – 7:45 pm: Complimentary Moscow Mules and snacks with panel and performances featuring Moscow Nights

8 pm: Goat in the Road presented Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis

 On Nov. 21, Artspot Productions, Goat in the Road, and Moscow Nights presented A Day of Chekhov, an extended day of Chekhov performances and discussion. Beginning at 5 pm, Artspot presented a "remembering" of their 2004 production, Chekhov's Wild Ride (part of ArtSpot's Remembering Series for their 20th Anniversary Year). Immediately following Artspots' Kathy Randels, Goat in the Road's Chris Kaminstein, and Natasha Ramer, Artistic Director of Moscow Nights (based in the Greater Metropolitan Area), discussed their work and Chekhov's relevance to Louisiana today. There was also short performances by Moscow Nights and Russian-inspired drinks and snacks.

Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis is supported by a Community Partnership Grant from the Jazz & Heritage Foundation, and a Stabilization Grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis Kickstarter! You make the art happen!

Aminisha, Angelle, Amy Avakian, Alex Ates, Babette, Stephen Backer, Claire Bangser, Peter & Mary Barrett, James Bartelle, Jake Bartush, Nate Baumgart, Daral Boles, John Boles, Jenna Bonistalli, Thomas Bogan, Laura Boles, Peter J Bowling, Susan & Thomas Bowling, Beau Bratcher, Jon Broder, Mary Brown, Bajir Cannon, Rachel Carrico, Ron Chapman, Cecile and Eric Charleston, Larry Comiskey, Eileen Conery, Willa Conway, Dave Crowley, Jen Davis, Julia DeLois, Katherine Doss, Alden Eagle, Emilie, Alison Ebbert, Adam Falik, Alexandra Fallon, Carol Finnegan, Patty Flaherty, Rebecca Leviah Frank, Denise Frazier, A Flynn, Joseph Furnari, Gedney, Felissa Rose Gero, Grace Goodrich, Michael Gottwald, Mary Guiteras, Josh Hailey, Alexanda Hallowell, James Hamilton, Corey Harrower, Bear Hebert, Nathan Heigert, Jake Hooker, Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, Alan Hunter, Hugh Hunter, David Huynh, Julia Kaericher, Daniel Kaminstein, Katie, Scott King, Andrew Kingsley, Kristen, Kenneth Korman, Megan Kosmoski, Bill Kraus, Andrew Larimer, RS Larimer, Rachel Lee, Jessica Lozano, Brian Pittman LoGiudice, Marie Lovejoy, Ezra Lowery, Danny Marin, Bob Martin, Mark, Justin Maxwell, Francesca McKenzie, Mandy McNeil, Jessica Medenbach, Grace Millsaps, Ryan Murphy, Movies from Marlboro, Jana Napoli, Aurora Nealand, Linda Perlstein, Lindsey Phillips, Lindsay Docherty Rachlin, Gabrielle Reisman, Mary Rizzo, Mike Rizzo, Amy Rouse, Sarah, Matthew Schwarzfeld, Matt Schwarzman, Francis Scully, Nick Shackleford, John J Sheehan, Scott Sheppard, Danya Sherman, Ben Shesta, Beth Shippert-Myers, Eli Silverman, Laurence Silverman, Max Silverman, Evan Spigelman, Megan Staab, Sascha Stanton-Craven, Gerald & Lynn Stein, Laura Stein, Rachel Stein, Matthew Thompson, Katie Van Herik Tonguis, Two-headed Calf & Lisa D'Amour, Anna Laura Quinn, Vagabond Inventions, Fred Werner, Paul Werner, Kristina Wong, and Philip Yiannopoulos.


Shannon Flaherty

Nov. 7 - Dec. 6, 2014
Thursday - Saturday at 8 pm, Sundays at 7 pm
The Ether Dome (3625 St. Claude Ave.)

Numb was part of the New Orleans Fringe Festival from November 20 - 22. 

Presented in association with the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum and the Cachet Art and Culture ProgramNumb explores the complicated history of anesthesiology and 19th century medicine.  Numb looks at the ecstasy and intoxication of drugs that alter human consciousness in a quest for pain-free surgery, and the often forgotten human stories that accompany advancement.

Numb received three 2015 Big Easy Awards for Best Ensemble, Best Original Work (Devised) and Best Sound Design (Kyle Sheehan).

Written and directed by Chris Kaminstein
Sound design by Kyle Sheehan and William Bowling with assistance from Dylan Hunter
Production management by Emily Slazer and William Bowling
Stage management by Rebecca McLaughlin
Ensemble: Dylan Hunter, Francesca McKenzie, Ian Hoch, Leslie Boles, Shannon Flaherty, and Todd D'Amour
Mime consulting by Jenny Sargent
Lighting design by Joan Long
Costume design by Mignon Charvet
Graphic design by Kyle Sheehan

Photos by April June Photography

GRP began developing Numb since January 2014. Check out photos from the January workshop of Numb here

To accompany the show, GRP released 5 podcasts that deal with pain and its relief. Check them out:

Podcast #1 - 19th Century Pharmacist

Podcast #2 - Pain and Dr. Gould

Podcast #3 - Peter and Pain (the relationship between pain and language)

Podcast #4 - Beneath the Womb Veil (Cachet Art and Culture program panel on early female healthcare)

Podcast #5 - Interview with Amina Massey about her research working with women of color who experience chronic pain and illness

Another feature of Numb was a collaboration with pain experts and public health thinkers to create a conversation about the changing understanding of pain and its relief, which was the foundation for "Club Med", a series of engagement events geared to the medial and neuroscience community of New Orleans.

Club Med events featured:
Sunday, November 9: a post-show panel of neurologists and pain experts will discuss our ever evolving understanding of pain and pain relief. This discussion will feature:

  • Dr. Harry Gould, Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience at LSU's Pain Mastery Program;
  • Dr. Kate Yurgil, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at Loyola University with interests in the area of behavioral health include examining risk and resiliency factors for post-traumatic stress disorder, and the effects of traumatic brain injury on mental health and neuropsychological function;
  • Dr. Christophe E Jackson, Acoustic Advisor of the NOMC&AF Save New Orleans Sounds Program and researcher at Wichita State University and Tulane University and; 
  • Dr. Deb Kahrson, neuroscientist with specific research in Autism Spectrum Disorders and multilevel biomarker discovery through postdoc training at Stanford University.

Sunday, November 16: a post-show discussion about the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum will spotlight Dr. Elma LeDoux's work. Dr. LeDoux is a Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of the Standardized Patient Program at Tulane University School of Medicine. She served as Director of Medical Education and Medical Director of the Cardiology Clinic at Touro Infirmary prior to assuming the role of Medicine Clerkship Director at Tulane in 1996. This conversation will be led by NUMB’s dramaturge and New Orleans Pharmacy Museum's Owen Evers.

Numb is supported by the Puffin Foundation and by a Community Partnership Grant from the Jazz & Heritage Foundation.

This Sweaty City

Shannon Flaherty

“This Sweaty City” is a two-pronged project:
1) an 8-part live performance series and
2) 8 episodic podcasts.

GRP will release new produce new episodes for podcast and live performance 3 - 4 times a year.

City’s plot is a magical realist story about the inhabitants of a water-laden city, eerily similar to our dear crescent, in which bicycles have personalities and bureaucratic offices operate on moving steamboats. Audiences will follow the sweaty city’s inhabitants through 12 episodes over three years.

This Sweaty City is written by GRP members Chris Kaminstein, Shannon Flaherty, and Will Bowling.

Live performances include:

May 12 - 13, 2013 
"Episode 1: Dead Man Waking Up”
The Shadowbox Theatre, 2400 St. Claude Avenue

November 22 - 23, 2013, as part of the New Orleans Fringe Festival
"Episode 2: G.E. Bulova Electric Clock Radio"
Luthjen's Dance Hall, Chartres and Marigny St.

May 2  - 3, 2014
"Episode 3: The Teetotaler"
The Shadowbox Theatre, 2400 St. Claude Avenue
Photos from the episode here (by Jess Pinkham)

The episodes have included the voices of over 28 local performers including Aurora Nealand, Andy Vaught, John Grimsley, Emilie Whelan, AJ Allegra, Ian Hoch, Nick Slie, Dylan Hunter, Molly Ruben-Long, Donald Lewis, Jen Pagan, Owen Ever, Shannon Flaherty, Will Bowling, Emily Slazer, Bonnie Gabel, Brain Fabry-Dorsam, C.J. Hunt, Todd D'Amour, Margee Green, Zeb Hollins, Cecile Monteyne, Eric Charleston, Sherria Marina, Veronica Russell, Pamela D. Roberts, Dane Rhodes, and Chris Kaminstein. Original music by Peter Bowling and featuring musicians Free Feral, William Bowling, and Dylan Hunter.

Instant Misunderstanding

Shannon Flaherty

Nov. 14 – 18, 2012
New Orleans Fringe Festival
Den of Muses (Architect St., Lakeside)

Nov. 30 – Dec. 8, 2012
Encore! 5 Fringe Shows Extended
The Art Klub (Michalopoulos Studios – 513 Elysian Fields)

The third piece in GRP’s political trilogy (Whatever Just Happened, Didn’t Happen and Our Man were the first and second installations), Instant Misunderstanding is an implosive exploration of technological anxieties in a digital age. Past and present collide in a whirlwind of sandwiches, phone conferences, tea, and computer commands as two brothers, Johannes and Johannes Gutenberg, struggle to invent the internet and propel themselves into a confusing and uncertain future.

Instant Misunderstanding is conceived and performed by GRP’s William Bowling and Christopher Kaminstein, written by the duo and collaborator Sascha Stanton-Craven, and directed by Andrew Vaught. Photos by Victoria Pisarello.

In February 2014, Instant Misunderstanding was subsequently performed at Marlboro College and Lyndon State College in Vermont as part of Kingdom County Productions' performance season.

The Future is a Fancyland Place

Shannon Flaherty

The Allways Theatre
2240 St. Claude Avenue
September 16 – October 20, 2011

Jarville is a mess, seeing visions and watching cows make proclamations on their hind legs. It doesn’t help that his sister, Sheila, is setting up tents in his backyard. His neighbor, Hudie, keeps going on about messages in the static, messages that confirm what Jarville wants to deny: the clock is ticking.

Nominated for six Big Easy awards, The Future is a Fancyland Place is a massively successful collaboration between GRP and New Orleans-based Cripple Creek Theater Company.  Through a year-long ensemble process exploring ancient and contemporary apocalyptic prophecy, the two companies create a show rife with dance, song, movement, ritual and stretched-canvas cow puppets.  A show that takes a peek at America’s obsession with apocalyptic prophecies, our desire to create an ending again and again, and what happens when it doesn’t end… again.

Written by Andrew Vaught and Chris Kaminstein
Directed by Chris Kaminstein
Music by Will Bowling, with assistance from Emilie Whelan
Ensemble:  Ian Hoch, Emilie Whelan, Francesca McKenzie, Andy Vaught, Shannon Flaherty, Ross Britz, Cecile Monteyne, Dave Davis, Matt Standley
Designers:  Selena Poznak (Lights), Eric Gremillon (Sound), Phil Cramer (Sets), Andrew Larimer (Special Projects), Katie Gelfand (Costume), Rebecca McLaughlin (Stage Management)
Photos by Jess Pinkham

“…a timely and fascinating endeavor of failed prophesies, failed rituals, and failed utopia.” – Helen Jaksch, NOLA Defender

Our Man

Shannon Flaherty

Two men in a box decide to elect a tennis racquet named Ronald Reagan their president.

Nov. 17 – 21, 2010
New Orleans Fringe Festival
Marigny Theatre (2240 St. Claude Ave.)

Our Man is a comedic multidisciplinary performance work that explores the intersection of performance and politics in the modern age, through the lenses of 1950’s era radio broadcasts, and a decidedly fictional approach to American political history. Two men in a small glass box are tasked with narrating the life and accomplishments of one of the nations most controversial leaders, “The Gipper”. Forced to perform the same radio play over and over again for an invisible audience, the lines of fact and fiction blur as the men begin to slowly re-write the course of history in an effort to entertain each other and understand the context of their unusual situation. Through clever and hilarious half truths and brutal mudslinging tactics, the two find themselves arguing their way through small towns in the Midwest, to Europe on the front lines of WWII, all the while deciding whether or not to elect their only possession, an old wooden tennis racquet, their President.

Created and written by: William Bowling and Christopher Kaminstein, and Sascha Stanton Craven
Directed by: Andrew Vaught
Set/Lights/Sound Design by: William Bowling, Shannon Flaherty and Christopher Kaminstein
Production Manager: Shannon Flaherty
Photos by Shannon Flaherty

After premiering at the New Orleans Fringe Festival in November 2010, Our Man had subsequent performances at Interstate Fringe in Houston, TX, at the Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble’s Mitroni Studio in Bloomsburg, PA, Underground Arts in Philadelphia PA, and at the 2011 Berkshire Fringe Festival in Great Barrington, MA.

“Kaminstein and Bowling are theatrical vaudevillians of the first rank.”  - Jim Fitzmorris, NOLA Defender

Our Man was included in the NOLA Defender’s “5 Arresting Moments” of 2011.

Fronteras (Borders)

Shannon Flaherty

July 27, 2011
The Shadowbox Theatre, 2400 St. Claude Ave.

Borders was the culminating performance of an artistic exchange residency between GRP and Artzenico (link), an innovative theatre group based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

In July 2011, two performers from Artzénico traveled to New Orleans for a 3-week residency during which they worked with GRP to generate material for an original piece which explored immigration and the nature of the borders we create. During the 3-week residency Artzénico was fortunate to be able to work with Grupo N.O.H.A. (New Orleans Hispano America), conducting two theatre workshops with members of the organization.

This residency was part of an exchange that began in August 2010 when GRP members Will Bowling and Rachel Carrico worked with Artzenico in Guatemala.

Created by Will Bowling, Rachel Carrico, Bonifaz Diaz, Shannon Flaherty, Chris Kaminstein and Jordi Mollering  

Directed by Jordi Mollering

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the National Performance Network’s Performing Americas Program.  Lead funding of the National Performance Network Performing Americas Program was provided by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.   For more information: It was also supported by Tulane University's Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies.

The Don Effect

Shannon Flaherty

Humanity’s desire to re-create the un-re-createable.

June 10 – 13, 2010
The Candle Factory (4537 N. Robertson)

The Don Effect explores humanity’s desire to re-create the un-re-createable. Six ensemble members play a diverse cast of characters: an executive chef; the interim CEO of a sinking corporation; a grieving granddaughter; two dance archivists; and more. In their struggles to reconstruct originals -from famous concert dances to grandma’s biscuits – each encounters the failure of written language to capture embodied experiences.

Click here to see photos from the show.

Conceived and directed by Rachel Carrico
Music by Will Bowling
Ensemble:  Rachel Carrico, Phil Cramer, Shannon Flaherty, Chris Kaminstein, and Francesca McKenzie
Designers:  Rachel Lee (Stage manager), Becca Chapman (Production manager), Selena Poznak (Lights), Adam Tourek (Set design), Jaquelin “Chex” Sindelair (Video design), Sebastian Fig (Poster design), Hannah Adams (photographer), Joanna Russo and Deb Moore (videographers)

The Don Effect Exhibit showed at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum from September 2010 – December 2010.

Major Swelling's Salvation Salve Medicine Show

Shannon Flaherty

Nov. 11 – 15, 2009
New Orleans Fringe Festival
Marigny Theatre (2240 St. Claude Ave.)

A co-production with the Cripple Creek Theatre Co., Major Swelling’s Salvation Salve Medicine Show is a musical about schemer, huckster, and Civil-war veteran, Major Swelling and his traveling troupe rolling through New Orleans to sell their salvation salve – a potion found deep within the swamps of Louisiana that cures anything and everything. When the salve actually heals, and Governor Bobby Jindal shows up to take over the show, a showdown begins between the old way of doing things and the new, progress and stasis, tradition and reform.

Written by Andrew Vaught
Directed by Chris Kaminstein
Music by Will Bowling
Starring: Ross Britz, Rachel Carrico, Nicholas Clark, Shannon Flaherty, Michael Gottwald, Ian Hoch, Francesca McKenzie, Kristen Schafer Ewbank, Emilie Whelan, and Andrew Vaught
Designers:  Selena Poznak (Lights), Rachel Carrico (Choreography), Jacqueline Sindelar (Stage Manager), Ezra Greenbride (Scenic Design), Sophie and Scott Kosofsky (Scenic Artists), Megan Staab and Jessica Daigle (Costume Design), Zalia Beville (Lighting Design), Alden Eagle (Production Manager), and Kevin McCaffrey (Director of Video)
Photos by Lee Celano

“…an exuberant, audacious mini-musical…” David Cuthbert, Steppin’ Out (Nov. 27, 2009)

Rinse & Repeat

Shannon Flaherty

October 30, 2008
"On Piety"
617 Piety St., New Orleans

April 17, 2009
"Previously on Piety"
Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St.

Rinse & Repeat is site-specific, environmental performance work was designed to interact with the seven installations in the warehouse exhibition space "On Piety". The improvisational performance highlights, distills and theatricalizes the relationship between the installations, the physical space that contains them, and those who visit it.

Rinse & Repeat's theatrical activity periodically bubbles up among and emerges from the crowd, dissipates, gains momentum. The entire performance loops repeatedly, as gallery visitors wander in and out of the space.

Created and directed by William Bowling and Rachel Carrico

Starring: William Bowling, Wendy Bushman, Rachel Carrico, Vignette Ching, Aminisha Ferdinand, Denise Frazier, Antonio Garza

Second performance: William Bowling, Rachel Carrico, Vignette Ching, Aminisha Ferdinand, Denise Frazier, Lorenzo Gonzales, Kat Johnson, Jennifer Mefford

Whatever Just Happened, Didn't Happen

Shannon Flaherty

Whatever Just Happened is the first of GRP’s political trilogy that explores the state of politics and the media in our great country. A 25-minute performance piece, Whatever Just Happened explores the Monica Lewinsky scandal from the point of view of two government workers condemned to sorting the seemingly endless stack of documents created by the inquiry.

Written and performed by William Bowling and Chris Kaminstein

Whatever Just Happened, Didn’t Happen premiered at the State of the Nation Festival on March 21, 2009 at NOCCA’s Nims Blackbox Theatre in New Orleans, LA. It was subsequently performed on April 10-11, 2009 at the Allways Lounge & Theatre in New Orleans, LA.

“…Whatever Just Happened, Didn't Happen... was a cleverly absurd riff on the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal...” Will Coviello, The Gambit (April 20, 2009)



The Calculus of Hope

Shannon Flaherty

November 2008
New Orleans Fringe Festival
Skull Club, New Orleans

Levees collapse. Steam pipes explode. Bridges crumble. Our fragile bodies move through it all. In a reflection on life, love and bridges, two friends carry, push, silence, hold and drench each other. They dance and tell stories to balance the equation: complex infrastructure + fragile bodies = safety is relative(loving is risky).

Created and performed by Rachel Carrico & Jamie Coffey Reynolds
Music by William Bowling