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Foreign to Myself

Works Blog

Foreign to Myself

Shannon Flaherty

May 18 - 21
Contemporary Arts Center (900 Camp St.)
Tickets $35 available here or at the door

“Then you get out of the military and you try to integrate back—you do integrate back into the civilian world, but you quickly realize that nobody else is thinking that way, nobody else is thinking that everything they do is for a team.” —Smith&True, 2014

Less than one half of one percent of U.S. citizens currently serve in the armed forces, creating a an experience gap between Veterans and civilians. Goat in the Road has spent the last two plus years connecting with military Veterans, families, and medical experts to build this fast-moving, darkly funny play about the daily life of the returning Vet. 

This multi-year project has had three workshop phases: January 2015, May 2015, and May 2016. The ensemble includes Leslie Boles Kraus*, Peter Bowling, William Bowling, Zina Camblin, Casie Duplechain, Shannon Flaherty*, Denise Frazier, Darci Fulcher*, Jeremy Guyton, Ian Hoch*, Dylan Hunter*, and Chris Kaminstein*. 

Check out photos from our May 2016 workshop, which featured an opening conversation with Dr. Gala True and Ray Facundo (by Joshua Brasted):

The project is being built by the ensemble in conjunction with key partners:

  • Gala True, PhD  
    • Dr. Gala True is a social scientist with over 15 years of experience conducting health services research with vulnerable populations.  Over the past 8 years, she has employed participatory action research methods to collaborate with Veterans and other key stakeholders on identifying barriers to post-deployment care and proposing solutions for improving community reintegration after separation from military service.
  • The NOLA Veterans Arts & Humanities Alliance
    • Created in the fall of 2016, the NOLA Veterans Arts & Humanities Alliance brings together veterans, health care providers, artists, and other community members who believe in the power of the arts and humanities to promote healing and mutual understanding, with the goal of creating more opportunities for art-making and dialogue involving veterans and the larger community in New Orleans.

More photos from our workshop phase in January 2015 by Morgan Sasser:

* indicates GRP company members

Foreign to Myself is made possible by a Community Partnership Grant from the Jazz & Heritage Foundation, a Community Arts Grant made possible by the City of New Orleans and administered by the Arts Council New Orleans, a grant from the RosaMary Foundation, and support from the New Orleans Theatre Association.