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uncle vanya: quarter life crisis

Works Blog

uncle vanya: quarter life crisis

Shannon Flaherty

November 5 - 29, 2015
Thursday - Sunday at 8 pm

Accompanied by MOMMA TRIED's Voynitsky Collection
The Ether Dome (3625 St. Claude Ave. at Independence St.)
Promotional video made by the geniuses at FatHappyMedia

Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis is an original work for the stage that smashes together one of Chekhov’s most famous plays with the post-recession world of 2009, re-imagining Chekhov’s work to be about young people living and struggling in Louisiana.

The show was adapted by director Chris Kaminstein and the cast (live exhibit performers).

Live Exhibit Performers:

Marina………Shannon Flaherty
Astrov……….Dylan Hunter
Vanya………..Brian Dorsam
Alexandra……Darci Fulcher
Maria………...Tenaj Jackson
Waffles………Mack Guillory
Sonya………..Leslie Boles Kraus
Yelene……….Matt Thompson
Tour Guide….Owen Ever, Andy Vaught

Production Stuff:

Director/Lead Adapter…….Chris Kaminstein
Assistant Director…………Shannon Flaherty
Script Adaptation................The Cast
Stage Manager…………….Jacob Halpern Weitzman
Assistant Stage Manager…..Bennett Kirchner
Production Manager………Casie Duplechain
Set Designer………………Joan Long
Lighting Designer………...Joan Long
Properties Designer………Owen Ever
Costume Designer………..Lindy Bruns
Sound Designer…………..Kyle Sheehan

Technical Director………..William Bowling
Marketing…………………Shannon Flaherty, Leslie Boles Kraus
Program………………….Nat Kusinitz
Compendium Guide………Bennett Kirchner, Peter Pinelli

Voinitsky Collection by MOMMA TRIED

Artistic Directors……Theo Eliezer, Micah Learned

Promotional photos by MOMMA TRIED. Performance photos by Joshua Brasted.

The Voynitsky Collection, an installation by MOMMA TRIED (local interdisciplinary art project with a print-only publication at its center) composed of miniatures and objects, models and displays, will work in tandem with the play to encourage the audience to look at both the play, and the art that surrounds it, as the moments and minutia of the day-to-day that constitute life.  

Anti-Ennui: Themes for a 21st Century Uncle Vanya
In conjunction with the production, GRP worked with regional partners to explore the timeless themes of Chekhov's masterpiece and our modern adaptation.

Saturday, Nov. 7:
A post-show panel discussion featured an eclectic cast of pseudo-intellectuals and non-credentialed life gurus. Economist Jana Sikdar, millennial Brandon Rapp, and yogi Vera Lester gave a raucous and thought-provoking debate about the changing nature of work, the unchanging nature of privilege, and the ongoing quest to find and make meaning in our lives and work. Think the GOP Presidential debates, minus seven to ten candidates. Think the Benghazi Hearing, minus ten and half hours.

Saturday, Nov. 14:
Monique Verdin, Nick Slie and a few very special guests led a discussion about the relationship between land loss and cultural survival in Coastal Louisiana.  There was dancing, red bean gumbo and real talk.

Saturday, Nov. 21: 
5 pm: Artspot Productions’ presented Chekhov’s Wild Ride

6:15 – 7:45 pm: Complimentary Moscow Mules and snacks with panel and performances featuring Moscow Nights

8 pm: Goat in the Road presented Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis

 On Nov. 21, Artspot Productions, Goat in the Road, and Moscow Nights presented A Day of Chekhov, an extended day of Chekhov performances and discussion. Beginning at 5 pm, Artspot presented a "remembering" of their 2004 production, Chekhov's Wild Ride (part of ArtSpot's Remembering Series for their 20th Anniversary Year). Immediately following Artspots' Kathy Randels, Goat in the Road's Chris Kaminstein, and Natasha Ramer, Artistic Director of Moscow Nights (based in the Greater Metropolitan Area), discussed their work and Chekhov's relevance to Louisiana today. There was also short performances by Moscow Nights and Russian-inspired drinks and snacks.

Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis is supported by a Community Partnership Grant from the Jazz & Heritage Foundation, and a Stabilization Grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis Kickstarter! You make the art happen!

Aminisha, Angelle, Amy Avakian, Alex Ates, Babette, Stephen Backer, Claire Bangser, Peter & Mary Barrett, James Bartelle, Jake Bartush, Nate Baumgart, Daral Boles, John Boles, Jenna Bonistalli, Thomas Bogan, Laura Boles, Peter J Bowling, Susan & Thomas Bowling, Beau Bratcher, Jon Broder, Mary Brown, Bajir Cannon, Rachel Carrico, Ron Chapman, Cecile and Eric Charleston, Larry Comiskey, Eileen Conery, Willa Conway, Dave Crowley, Jen Davis, Julia DeLois, Katherine Doss, Alden Eagle, Emilie, Alison Ebbert, Adam Falik, Alexandra Fallon, Carol Finnegan, Patty Flaherty, Rebecca Leviah Frank, Denise Frazier, A Flynn, Joseph Furnari, Gedney, Felissa Rose Gero, Grace Goodrich, Michael Gottwald, Mary Guiteras, Josh Hailey, Alexanda Hallowell, James Hamilton, Corey Harrower, Bear Hebert, Nathan Heigert, Jake Hooker, Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, Alan Hunter, Hugh Hunter, David Huynh, Julia Kaericher, Daniel Kaminstein, Katie, Scott King, Andrew Kingsley, Kristen, Kenneth Korman, Megan Kosmoski, Bill Kraus, Andrew Larimer, RS Larimer, Rachel Lee, Jessica Lozano, Brian Pittman LoGiudice, Marie Lovejoy, Ezra Lowery, Danny Marin, Bob Martin, Mark, Justin Maxwell, Francesca McKenzie, Mandy McNeil, Jessica Medenbach, Grace Millsaps, Ryan Murphy, Movies from Marlboro, Jana Napoli, Aurora Nealand, Linda Perlstein, Lindsey Phillips, Lindsay Docherty Rachlin, Gabrielle Reisman, Mary Rizzo, Mike Rizzo, Amy Rouse, Sarah, Matthew Schwarzfeld, Matt Schwarzman, Francis Scully, Nick Shackleford, John J Sheehan, Scott Sheppard, Danya Sherman, Ben Shesta, Beth Shippert-Myers, Eli Silverman, Laurence Silverman, Max Silverman, Evan Spigelman, Megan Staab, Sascha Stanton-Craven, Gerald & Lynn Stein, Laura Stein, Rachel Stein, Matthew Thompson, Katie Van Herik Tonguis, Two-headed Calf & Lisa D'Amour, Anna Laura Quinn, Vagabond Inventions, Fred Werner, Paul Werner, Kristina Wong, and Philip Yiannopoulos.