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This Sweaty City

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This Sweaty City

Shannon Flaherty

“This Sweaty City” is a two-pronged project:
1) an 8-part live performance series and
2) 8 episodic podcasts.

GRP will release new produce new episodes for podcast and live performance 3 - 4 times a year.

City’s plot is a magical realist story about the inhabitants of a water-laden city, eerily similar to our dear crescent, in which bicycles have personalities and bureaucratic offices operate on moving steamboats. Audiences will follow the sweaty city’s inhabitants through 12 episodes over three years.

This Sweaty City is written by GRP members Chris Kaminstein, Shannon Flaherty, and Will Bowling.

Live performances include:

May 12 - 13, 2013 
"Episode 1: Dead Man Waking Up”
The Shadowbox Theatre, 2400 St. Claude Avenue

November 22 - 23, 2013, as part of the New Orleans Fringe Festival
"Episode 2: G.E. Bulova Electric Clock Radio"
Luthjen's Dance Hall, Chartres and Marigny St.

May 2  - 3, 2014
"Episode 3: The Teetotaler"
The Shadowbox Theatre, 2400 St. Claude Avenue
Photos from the episode here (by Jess Pinkham)

The episodes have included the voices of over 28 local performers including Aurora Nealand, Andy Vaught, John Grimsley, Emilie Whelan, AJ Allegra, Ian Hoch, Nick Slie, Dylan Hunter, Molly Ruben-Long, Donald Lewis, Jen Pagan, Owen Ever, Shannon Flaherty, Will Bowling, Emily Slazer, Bonnie Gabel, Brain Fabry-Dorsam, C.J. Hunt, Todd D'Amour, Margee Green, Zeb Hollins, Cecile Monteyne, Eric Charleston, Sherria Marina, Veronica Russell, Pamela D. Roberts, Dane Rhodes, and Chris Kaminstein. Original music by Peter Bowling and featuring musicians Free Feral, William Bowling, and Dylan Hunter.