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Rinse & Repeat

Works Blog

Rinse & Repeat

Shannon Flaherty

October 30, 2008
"On Piety"
617 Piety St., New Orleans

April 17, 2009
"Previously on Piety"
Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St.

Rinse & Repeat is site-specific, environmental performance work was designed to interact with the seven installations in the warehouse exhibition space "On Piety". The improvisational performance highlights, distills and theatricalizes the relationship between the installations, the physical space that contains them, and those who visit it.

Rinse & Repeat's theatrical activity periodically bubbles up among and emerges from the crowd, dissipates, gains momentum. The entire performance loops repeatedly, as gallery visitors wander in and out of the space.

Created and directed by William Bowling and Rachel Carrico

Starring: William Bowling, Wendy Bushman, Rachel Carrico, Vignette Ching, Aminisha Ferdinand, Denise Frazier, Antonio Garza

Second performance: William Bowling, Rachel Carrico, Vignette Ching, Aminisha Ferdinand, Denise Frazier, Lorenzo Gonzales, Kat Johnson, Jennifer Mefford