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Major Swelling's Salvation Salve Medicine Show

Works Blog

Major Swelling's Salvation Salve Medicine Show

Shannon Flaherty

Nov. 11 – 15, 2009
New Orleans Fringe Festival
Marigny Theatre (2240 St. Claude Ave.)

A co-production with the Cripple Creek Theatre Co., Major Swelling’s Salvation Salve Medicine Show is a musical about schemer, huckster, and Civil-war veteran, Major Swelling and his traveling troupe rolling through New Orleans to sell their salvation salve – a potion found deep within the swamps of Louisiana that cures anything and everything. When the salve actually heals, and Governor Bobby Jindal shows up to take over the show, a showdown begins between the old way of doing things and the new, progress and stasis, tradition and reform.

Written by Andrew Vaught
Directed by Chris Kaminstein
Music by Will Bowling
Starring: Ross Britz, Rachel Carrico, Nicholas Clark, Shannon Flaherty, Michael Gottwald, Ian Hoch, Francesca McKenzie, Kristen Schafer Ewbank, Emilie Whelan, and Andrew Vaught
Designers:  Selena Poznak (Lights), Rachel Carrico (Choreography), Jacqueline Sindelar (Stage Manager), Ezra Greenbride (Scenic Design), Sophie and Scott Kosofsky (Scenic Artists), Megan Staab and Jessica Daigle (Costume Design), Zalia Beville (Lighting Design), Alden Eagle (Production Manager), and Kevin McCaffrey (Director of Video)
Photos by Lee Celano

“…an exuberant, audacious mini-musical…” David Cuthbert, Steppin’ Out (Nov. 27, 2009)