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The Night With Mr. Bismuth Press

alex ates

“The Night With Mr. Bismuth is a hilariously devastating thought experiment into our society's technologization—and its inevitable decay. As we become more mechanized and plugged in, what happens to our morality—how about our mortality? Dylan Hunter gives a virtuosic performance as an eerie animatronic host who is forgotten by time and doomed with a slight ounce of humanness. Bismuth is like if a "Treehouse of Horror" episode mated with a Wooster Group Spalding Gray monologue—it represents the hilarious and devastating in a way that only the American avant-guard theater can.” — Alex Ates, contributing writer for Backstage and American Theatre 

mason rosenthal

“While conceived in a rather bleak vision of the future, The Night With Mr. Bismuth is executed with a lot of love. Writer and star Dylan Hunter exhibits a daunting commitment to the charmingly earnest, animatronic talk show host, Mr. Bismuth, smiling and shouting into the void of rapid, consumerless content generation. Hunter’s warmth and humor as Bismuth  dares to ask if a future without us is truly an apocalypse.” — Mason Rosenthal, playwright

scott heron

“Bismuth is one of those theater pieces that stands way out there in a world of its own. It is truly bizarre and yet meticulously crafted. Video, light and sound are kaleidoscopically swirled into a sparkling and at times frightening thrill ride. Dylan's performance is utterly grotesque and yet the character is somehow lovable and begs for empathy.”