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GRP likes to make podcasts. So far, we have made two podcast series:
1. This Sweaty City
2. The Numb series



This Sweaty City is a two-pronged project:
1) an 8-part live performance series and
2) 8 episodic podcasts.

GRP will release new produce new episodes for podcast and live performance 3 - 4 times a year.

City’s plot is a magical realist story about the inhabitants of a water-laden city, eerily similar to our dear crescent, in which bicycles have personalities and bureaucratic offices operate on moving steamboats. Audiences will follow the sweaty city’s inhabitants through 12 episodes over three years.

Episode 1: Dead Man Wakin' Up

Episode 2: The G.E. Bulova Electric Clock Radio

For more information on This Sweaty City click here to visit the Works page.


Presented in association with the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum and the Cachet Art and Culture Program, Numb explores the complicated history of anesthesiology and 19th century medicine.  Numb looks at the ecstasy and intoxication of drugs that alter human consciousness in a quest for pain-free surgery, and the often forgotten human stories that accompany advancement.

To accompany this show in the fall of 2014, GRP released 5 podcasts that dealt with the pain and its relief. Check them out here:

Podcast #1 - 19th Century Pharmacist

Podcast #2 - Pain and Dr. Gould

Podcast #3 - Peter and Pain (the relationship between pain and language)

Podcast #4 - Beneath the Womb Veil (Cachet Art and Culture program panel on early female healthcare)

Podcast #5 - Interview with Amina Massey about her research working with women of color who experience chronic pain and illness