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Adult Training

Goat in the Road hosted its first week-long summer training program from June 11 - 15, 2018 (see info below).

Stay tuned for updates on future adult trainings!



How To Be A Horse (and other useful skills)
A weeklong performance and training intensive with Goat in the Road

June 11 - 15
9 am - 5 pm daily (lunch included)
New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (rehearsal studio)
Participants must be 18+

How to Be a Horse will culminate in a performance
on Friday, June 15 at 6 pm, location TBD

The deadline to sign up for How To Be A Horse has passed.

Taught by GRP Co-Artistic Director Chris Kaminstein and GRP ensemble member Darci Fulcher, this weeklong program will bring participants through a training and creation process based on Goat in the Road’s working methods.  

How to Be A Horse is designed to give participants practical and creative skills to bring original, group-created theater work to the stage.

This workshop is open to all levels of skill and interest, but best for those who have some experience onstage. It is highly physical.  If you have any special physical needs, or current injuries please contact Shannon Flaherty at before signing up.

Daily Schedule
9 am - 12:30 pm: Performer training & Movement Analysis with Darci
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm: Lunch Break
1:45 pm - 5 pm: New work creation with Chris

About Performer Training with Darci
We gonna SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT!  Get ready y’all! We are entering the world of physical theatre and movement--performer training that brings us back home to our bodies. We will roll, fall, walk on our hands and dive into the space, unlocking tension, and breaking through mental and emotional blocks that prevent us from expanding and taking up space. We will journey through a daily physical practice inspired by the principles of F.M. Alexander. Come discover that your body is limitless in expression!

About Movement Analysis with Darci
In this workshop we will uncover the power of movement as a tool for storytelling. Each gesture and step of the actor should imprint an image, pushing and pulling the space of the stage like an elastic solid. This engagement of the space requires a deeper level of physical awareness, engagement and presence.  Together we will journey through Jacques Lecoq investigations. Students will create physical vignettes inspired by the stories of Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges as we investigate the forces and imagery within the text.

About New Work Creation with Chris
Oh this shiz-net is gonna be shiz-nasty.  Jumping off of Darci’s movement analysis, we’ll be continuing the look at the stories of Borges (the spiritual godfather of magical realism), and the radio fiction of experimental radio producer Joe Frank.  If you like dreamscapes, ridiculous coincidences, backward labyrinths, infinity, and the beauty of the human imagination, then this is for you. We will be working closely with the text to bring a short story from the page to the stage, and the week will culminate with a short performance of this newly created work.  Techniques are designed to focus on both the creative and organizational challenges of creating new performance with a group.

Please contact Shannon Flaherty at for any questions or for info about scholarships/reduced rates.

Chris Kaminstein is a writer, director, performer, teacher and a co-Artistic director of Goat in the Road.  He has written/directed/created The Stranger Disease (2018), Foreign to Myself (2017), Uncle Vanya Quarter Life Crisis (2015), Numb (2014), Instant Misunderstanding (2012), and Our Man (2010), and is an improviser with the group Machine A.  

Darci Fulcher is an actor, deviser, movement coach, director and professor.  She is currently a company member of Goat in the Road Productions. GRP Credits: Foreign to Myself, Uncle Vanya: Quarter Life Crisis and Haydn Seek.   Her original work has been accepted by the Madlab Series as part of the Mad River Festival in Blue Lake California, the Fury Factory Festival in San Francisco and the Fertile Ground Festival in Portland Oregon for her original play La Fenetre. Darci teaches at Tulane University, Dillard University, Delgado Community College and New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts introducing students to clown, mask, movement & physical theatre. MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre 2014.