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Numb Press

"Goat in the Road Productions manages to mix an erudite discourse on the slow and relatively unaware early discovery period of anaesthesiology with exuberant playfulness, direct address of the audience and gratuitous bending of rules about the fourth wall in theater. "  



"…an amazing collaboration and production featuring some of the finest performers and behind-the-scenes artists out there right now.  Kudos to the Kaminstein-headed writing team for finding and exploring such an intricate world and presenting it in an approachable modern light. The play will have you laughing, cringing, crying, hiding behind your seat… In fact, the only thing you won’t feel is numb."



"With each playing more than one character, their work in using their voices and bodies to not only create human portraits but a time period as well is striking. In particular, their vocal work captures a rhythm that seems of another world… [Numb] lingers in the system long after the company has taken its final bow."

-  JIM FITZMORRIS, The New Orleans Advocate


From “Counting down New Orleans theater’s 10 best moments in 2014":

"The blink of an eye in “Numb”: Todd D’Amour as a troubled dentist leans back into a chair to experiment with anesthesia, and a split second later, he thinks he has failed. Only then does he discover he been out for a while, having had a tooth extracted. Even with all of director Chris Kaminstein’s brilliant technical acumen, it was that simple moment in Goat in the Road’s history of anesthesiology that reminded the viewer the best theater need only a suggestive pause."

– JIM FITZMORRIS, The New Orleans Advocate