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Foreign to Myself Press

“...highlights the humanity both at the heart of the work and at the heart of the ensemble that brought it to life.”

Brad Rhines, American Theatre


“Goat in the Road manages to masterfully mix the poetic with the hard-hitting reality of returning from conflict.  The world that is created onstage by the deft actors is emotionally wrenching.  Rather than making an “issue play” about PTSD that tries to speak for everyone, they made a story that is both personal and universal, focusing on the small and large issues surrounding one female vet’s re-entry.  There is a real synthesis between the work of the whole ensemble - the lights, sound, set and costumes aligning with the performances, direction and writing.  Foreign To Myself is a timely piece that, sadly, will be relevant for a long time to come.”

 Quinn Bauriedel, Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theatre Company


Foreign to Myself is a poignant and authentic view into the devastating psychological aftermath of exposure to war-zone trauma.  With humor, compassion, and credibility, the play deftly portrays the comradery and horror of war along with the staggering, unrelenting, deep emotional toll of PTSD.  Watching these stories unfold on stage provided a type of insight into the consequences of war trauma that cannot be appreciated by reading an article or hearing it described. Seeing Foreign to Myself could prove to be a valuable tool to help Veteran’s loved ones and the public better understand the impact of PTSD.”

Madeline Uddo, Ph.D., Trauma therapist


"It was beautiful to see the design and the theatricality coming together in such a powerful way.  The physical storytelling created a beautiful entry into a complex world of design and character."

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Artistic Director, Urban Bush Women


"Foreign to Myself is a beautifully rendered depiction of military service and homecoming in a time of war. Moving, inventive, funny and heartbreaking at the same time, the play is a gentle and persistent invitation to reflect on the divide between Veterans and civilians and how we begin to bridge that divide. An authentic exploration of the everyday experiences of living with post traumatic stress disorder, the play rings true for Veterans, their families, and those of us who wish to welcome them home."  

Gala True, PhD, Associate Professor, Tulane University School of Medicine and Research Investigator, Department of Veterans Affairs  


"Foreign to Myself is an ambitious theatrical endeavor that pays off.  Goat in the Road makes consistently evocative theatre that would draw an audience anywhere in America."

Justin Maxwell, Playwright


“As a combat Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran caregiver wife and veteran advocate, Foreign to Myself was a very accurate account of what our returning warriors struggle with returning home from war. The actors/actresses portrayal was on point and pulled you in as if you were there going through it with them. I could not fight the tears during Foreign to Myself. It hit me deeply as a veteran wife and the cut to the heart of the reality what our veterans and we as their closest loved ones face when they return. Our warriors return home but don't necessarily come "home".  I am truly honored to have been able to attend Foreign to Myself and eternally grateful that civilians are not only getting involved but helping to bring awareness to what our brave warriors face coming home.  Simply stunning!”

Diamond Kitchell Gordon, Veteran caregiver and advocate


"It is not easy to capture the lives of persons living with the effects of trauma-the emotional, social, and physical suffering that they endure on a daily basis.  From the actors' beautiful and haunting portrayal of the suffering and strength of these veterans, to the powerful use of staging, light, and music, it felt as if the audience was present in the experience.  This performance was truly amazing." 

Michelle Hamilton, Trauma Therapist


Foreign to Myself is a fair and brutally honest look at the realities of the American soldier, both during the battle and long after the last shots have been fired. The show paints a vivid picture of the psychological toll that combat takes on the human mind, and the dire consequences we face by ignoring those problems once the soldiers are home.  Yet after 90 minutes of bearing witness to the traumas these characters have endured, the main emotion with which I walked out of the door was, shockingly, hope.”

Liam Kraus, Actor