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Distance of Sound Press

emilie whelan

“The themes, design, and performance in Distance of Sound was a thrilling night of theater. The show unpacked memory as sound, trauma as drawers, and the feminine survivor as mason jars. It was deeply satisfying to see all the unpacking heaved on the stage boards by the creative team. And with a deeply sensitive and muscular performance by Darci Fulcher who's most compelling moments were when we she broke all her own rules. Which, deftly directed by Shannon Flaherty, the stage was set up with enough emotional trips, and falls, and prats that breaking rules was the inevitable destiny of grief. We know that grief rudely returns through 'triggers' - images or sounds that  surprise and make us recall what we'd prefer to forget we knew - But in Distance of Sound, we are invited to consider that those triggers may in fact be a way to carve ourselves back into our own heart...and that mason jars are better left for bulk dry goods than essential pieces of ourselves that we shelve away.”

laurie uprichard

“Darci Fulcher's solo work delves into the meaning of objects with precise and intense physicality.  Within an extraordinary set comprised of variously sized cabinets and a pneumatic tube, the assortment of objects and the memories associated with them formed a fascinating puzzle of meanings and odd categorizations.”

Victor Holtcamp

“Distance of Sound was, in a word, awesome. Darci was so transformed and embodied such a rich character, made all the more mesmerizing with the lack of dialogue. With nothing more than cabinets, empty looking bottles, a persistent pneumatic tube, and a killer sound-score, Distance of Sound created a world initially far-removed from our own, but one that grew ominously closer to ours as the show progressed. By turns hilarious and deeply moving, serious and slapstick, Distance of Sound is a great canvas for Fulcher's dell'Arte expertise. Her physicality was specific, her characterization precise, and her timing impeccable.”